Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Saintpaulia



English Name:


Common Name:

African violet

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Gesneriaceae

Name in English: African Violet Family

The Plant

Origin: Tanzania, Kenya, eastern Africa

Growth Habit: herbaceous perennial flowering plant

Flower: flowers are 2–3 cm diameter, with a five-lobed velvety corolla ("petals"), and grow in clusters of 3–10 or more on slender stalks (peduncles).

Blooming Period: African Violets will flower at any time of year provided the right combination of light, nutrients and water. Some varieties seem to be in continuous bloom, while other varieties will often take a small rest period between flowerings.

Leaf: The leaves are rounded to oval, 2.5–8.5 cm long with a 2–10 cm petiole, finely hairy, and with a fleshy texture.


Common household plant but can be used outdoors

Care and Handling

Soil: Grow in soil-less potting mix.

Amount of water: evenly moist,use warm water.

Nutrition: regular feeding.

Special handling: steady warmth, careful watering, good light, high air humidity

Special feature/remarks:

main attraction is the ability to flower at almost any time of the year and its compact size means it can fit on a narrow windowsill. Remove dead flowers and damaged leaves immediately - do not leave a stalk. Remove side shoots on older plants as they develop.