Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Asparagus

Specie: plumosa


English Name:

Synonym: Asparagus plumosus

Common Name:

Emerald Feather

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Liliaceae

Name in English: Lily family

The Plant

Origin: text

Growth Habit: branching woody vine


Blooming Period:

Leaf: tiny threadlike leaves form dark green feathery  sprays that resemble fern fronds.


Florists use the foliage as fillers in bouquets , it holds up much better than delicate ferns.  Grow indoors in indirect light , keep it pruned back to form a mound . The Asparagus Plumosa  can be grown outdoors in mild wintered areas it is hardy to 20 degrees, grow in light shade for best color.

Care and Handling

Soil: text

Amount of water: Keep the soil of the asparagus plumosa fern moist but not waterlogged. If the plant's soil is overly wet, its foliage will begin to turn yellow and brown.

Nutrition: text

Special handling: text

Special feature/remarks:

The asparagus plumosa fern belongs to the family Liliaceae. Not a true fern, the plant is actually related closely to asparagus, onions, lilies and garlic plants. Even though the plant belongs to a vegetable family, all parts of it are toxic.