Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Hydrangea

Specie: H. macrophylla


English Name:


Common Name:

Big Leaf Hydrangea, Mophead:Hortenia

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Hydrangeaceae

Name in English: Hydrangea Family (Formerly: Saxifragaceae ( Saxifrage Family).

The Plant

Origin: Japan and Korea

Growth Habit: rounded, deciduous, shrub

Flower: small flat flowers in dense, round clusters: showy part sepals not petals.

Blooming Period: early spring to late autumn

Leaf: Opposite, simple, serrated margins, stout peticle, medium green


Potted plant, flowers can be used as cuts

Care and Handling

Soil: Use a good rich potting soil (a soil that retains water yet drains well), such as an African violet mix. If you want to mix your own take: 1 part organic lime free soil, 1 part peat, 1 part coarse sand or perlite Always use a pot with a hole.

Amount of water: Heavy drinker, keep soil wet.

Nutrition: Feed every two weeks during growth with fertilizer for acid loving plants

Special handling: Flower colour is white, pink . blue, purple, depending on the pH or the soil

Special feature/remarks:

Does best in full sun but can grow in partial sun. Prune way back in the early spring. Place pebbles or gravel in the drainage dish to hold water and increase the humidity,.