Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Crassula

Specie: argentea


English Name:


Common Name:

Jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, money plant

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Crassulaceae

Name in English: Orpine Family

The Plant

Origin: South Africa

Growth Habit: succulent upright

Flower: small flowers are star-like in terminal clusters. • Flowers are not fragrant.

Blooming Period: winter

Leaf: leaves not parallel veined. • Leaves are thick, fleshy, oblong up to 2 inches long. A good example of succulent plants which store water in fleshy leaves.


House plant

Care and Handling

Soil: text

Amount of water: As succulents, they require a normal watering when the soil is dry in the summer, and very little watering in the winter. Overwatering will cause them to lose their leaves (it is easy to identify overwatering by the characteristic crinkling look that the fallen leaves have) and eventually the stem will rot away. Though jades can survive overwatering, it is best to keep them on a 10-20 day cycle in the summer, and even less (up to a month dry) in the winter. Letting the soil dry between waterings is essential for a healthy jade

Nutrition: text

Special handling: text

Special feature/remarks:

This species is generally very easy to care for as it can survive for years under a variety of interior conditions. It is not sensitive to high chlorine levels that can be found in water.

While it "looks" like it should be chill sensitive, this species can grow outside in climates such as found in central Ohio.