Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Hoya

Specie: H. bella


English Name:


Common Name:

hoya, wax flower, wax plant, wax vine

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Apocynaceae ( formerly of Asclepiodaceae ( milk weed)

Name in English: Dogbane Family

The Plant

Origin: Asia

Growth Habit: evergreen, perennial creeper/vine

Flower: axillary umbellate clusters at tip of peduncles. Star-shaped with 5 thick waxy triangular petals: topped with star shaped corona (crown).

Blooming Period: major bloom period early spring

Leaf: simple, entire , opposite


houseplant, or container, grown for attractive foliage and sweet scented flowers. Great in hanging baskets. Blooms last 12-14 days. Plant (years- repeats bloom)

Care and Handling

Soil: Make your own soil mixture for the Hoya bella. Use one part rinse aquarium charcoal, two parts humus, two parts garden soil, three parts sand and a dusting of broken-up eggshells. Note: You can use all-purpose potting soil and add one part sand to the mix.

Amount of water: heavy drinkers : but no heavy drinking or spraying when dormant.

Nutrition: Not a heavy feeder - fertilize occasionally - 1x spring 1x summer: liquid soluble 10-10-10-

Special handling: Not recommended to move the plant during blooming . Sun , but not direct. Handle with care - may cause skin irritation.

Special feature/remarks:

Genus named by botanist Robert Bravo in honour of his friend Thomas Hoy (bella = beautiful)