Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Monstera

Specie: M. deliciosa


English Name:


Common Name:

Delicious Monster, Ceriman, Swiss Cheese Plant (or just Cheese Plant), Fruit Salad Plant, Monster fruit, Monsterio Delicio, Monstereo, Mexican Breadfruit, Monstera, split-leaf philodendron, Locust and Wild Honey, Windowleaf, Balazo and Penglai Banana

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Araceae

Name in English: Arum Family

The Plant

Origin: Tropical rainforest, Central/ South America

Growth Habit: creeping vine, epiphyte with aerial roots

Flower: 3 years after planting, rarely indoors, white spathe, spadix will mature into edible fruit, take over a year to mature

Blooming Period:

Leaf: Large, glossy, broad, heart-shaped( young plants-leaves are smaller , entire with lobes, age produces deep lobes and holes.


Decorative indoor plant, grown outside in tropical regions. Last for years, easily propagated

Care and Handling

Soil: Rich well drained soil.

Amount of water: thoroughly , do not let dry during active months, Water less in winter

Nutrition: Fertilize weekly during growing season using liquid fertilizer

Special handling: Requires high humidity and shade, handle with care - can cause skin irritation. Killed by frost.

Special feature/remarks:

Aerial roots have been used as soap and for making baskets. Leaf and root in fusion has been used medicinally to relief arthritis.