Cutflower Nomenclature

Scientific/Botanical Name:

Genus: Podocarpus

Specie: P. macrophyllus


English Name:


Common Name:

Kusamaki , Buddist Pine: Fern Pind, Chinese Yew, or Japanese Yew

Botanical Family:

Name in Latin: Podocarpaceae

Name in English: The Podocarp Family

The Plant

Origin: southern China and Japan

Growth Habit: evergreen tree, upright, compact branching

Flower: inconspicuous, have little ornamental value

Blooming Period: n/a

Leaf: strap-shaped with central mid-rib: needle-like, entire.


Outdoor-container plant or hedging. Indoor-potted. Great for cut greens- long lasting

Care and Handling

Soil: general potting

Amount of water: moist soil but well drained soil, medium

Nutrition: slightly acid soil, Need additional Iron and Madnesium 2 times a year.

Special handling: can grow in shade as well as in the sun. Pruning is necessary to get side branches to grow. Pinch off new growth as necessary . Staking may be advisable for main stem of potted plant.

Special feature/remarks:

Highly regarded as feng shui tree in Hong Kong.