Eco Flowers

The global movement to bring environmental and human standards to the floral industry has been growing in scope and importance along side with many fair trade initiatives.

Full Bloom Flowers has been aware of these labeling programs and continues to seek flowers grown with certification and provide these in our designs.

This page is dedicated to gathering information to inform, inspire, and challenge.

Flowers are a part of everyday life. They are of the earth. Our intention to live with flowers invites the deeper reflection as to origin. Just as the fair trade market in coffee, the fair trade flower industry has grown on a global scale. It matters where flowers are from, how they are grown, who grows them (under what conditions), method of transport, and viability of sale.

We often experience beauty in the moment without taking the time to look at the context. What is the origin and method? At Full Bloom we trace and expand our knowledge and experience of flowers. In this, we create a relationship with plants involving discovery and exploration that is inclusive of their origin and cycle.

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Vancouver is a mecca for flowers. There is a Dutch lineage of growers that have brought centuries of knowledge to the area. We have the largest flower auction in North America. This was formed as a growers co-operative

The local market continued to expand over the past decades although local supply of roses has dropped. The flowers that are grown here are of excellent quality and diversity.

Full Bloom continues to stock primarily local product. We then radiate out from this local core by considering product information such as location, certification, and shipment. This is an ongoing effort and information will be posted on our website as we continue our pursuit.

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There is so much to discover and expanding sustainable markets to discover.


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link to information about the flower labeling program Here are a few links to information about what is happening in the floral industry on a global level. We are expanding this page with more information and also to introduce what is available on a local and international level.

Flower Label Program